What is the benefit of flip-light?

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FlipLight: the innovative portable displays and counters for your business presence!

The products under the flip-light brand are innovative and designed to be distinguished from anything else. They draw attention to their remarkable forms and lighting, as well as their impressive vision. For your events, you can fully trust on the following:

  • Portable counters – single and double. Lightweight, comfortable, easy to fold up to the size of a handbag, beautifully lit and give an unbelievable performance to your brand. Images can be easily replaced so that you can use the stands repeatedly and for different events. Applications can be countless – from a tasting table at the point of sale (for example a supermarket), to exhibitions, promotional events, company and product presentations. It is a great option for the single stand to become a table for talks and negotiations. The double stand also makes for a great reception, which you can take to any location where you have to present yourself;
  • Original forms and a variety of advertising materials at the point of sale. You can choose from the range of products that grab attention and do not let it go by the end of the event. They are also intended for numerous uses, and for some we can not even count exactly how many uses the practice has so far put into practice. You certainly do not need anything else. And they obey the overall concept of WOW effect, lightness, strength, quality, beauty, light, ease of use and transfer.

A unique feature of all branded products is that they have built-in lighting to allow them to be used at any time of the day and at any point. So, unlike the other  products available on the market, they are truly multifunctional and turn your every turn into memorable performance.

In business communication, sometimes the words “speak” at least. Then the overall idea and effect is at the forefront because your audience might not hear what you said. It may not even remember what you said. But surely the visual message will be sealed, because memory often confides more to what we have seen, not to what we have heard.

For more details about the Flip light please contact us on flip-light.net

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