“Biky” Ltd.  offers a range of professional services including frame sizing and fitting, rider position analysis, bicycle repair and maintenance, and custom wheel building. With over 25 years of experience sizing and fitting thousands of riders, we’ve collected a large amount of data on frame geometries, stem lengths, saddle heights, crank-arm lengths, and many other factors. Over the years, we’ve helped riders of all sizes, shapes, and experience levels dial in the optimum combination of these factors. Whether you’re a recreational rider experiencing discomfort on a century ride, or a professional looking to shave seconds, we can help you meet your goals.bicycle-23

Many riders come to us with equipment purchased from other shops or on the Internet. It never ceases to amaze and dismay us to see someone spend their hard-earned money on a frame or parts that are the wrong size or specification. We firmly believe that proper sizing and adjustment is the most important aspect of any frame, component, or part, not what material it’s made out of or how much it weighs. Face it, a pair size 10 Gucci shoes isn’t going to be worth a penny of the $500 you paid for them if you’re a size 11. You’d be better off buying a $20 pair of K-Mart specials that fit. At “Biky” Ltd. , we won’t let you ride out of our shop with equipment that we don’t genuinely believe will give you the most cycling enjoyment, performance, and safety. To us, it’s all about the sport and customer satisfaction, not the money.

Please contact us to see what a difference we can make in your riding.

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