Bike ergonomics




A =


Floor to Clavicle. Easy way to get “C”. Torso measurement. To determine the top tube length.

B =


Crotch to ground measure. To determine seat tube height.

C =


Crotch to Clavicle. Part of Torso measure. To determine top tube length. A-B= C

D =


Thigh length. Hip joint to Knee joint. Helps determine seat positron

E =


Lower leg length. Knee joint to ankle joint. Helps determine seat position

F =


Shoulder width. Needed for handle bar size.

G =


Over all arm length. Put the arm at about 30-degree angle with the body and measure from shoulder joint to wrist joint. Helps for seat to handle bar positioning.

H =


Lower arm length. Helps for seat to handle bar positioning.

I =


Shoe size

J =



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