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Themes with responsive design

  • Are you a retailor who has a small shop, but want to expand your business?
  • Would you like to start an online business and sell more? 
  • Would you like to save money by stop paying taxes for rentals?

Using created themes, one can find modern ones, which marked with their responsive design. And such themes apparently better, as they are more expensive, but what responsiveness brings to site owner. There are many peculiar features of such sites, which are connected mainly with personal experience of visitors. However, there are lesser effects on SEO promotion, site design.

Best Prima Magento theme skins

Prima theme, created by ShopShark designed to have features, which make it responsive or adaptive. Generally it helps to bring more customers, from different view-ports.

Prima skins

Prima has a Sport skin, Fashion skin and Skin for electronics.

Spreading of mobile devices

Now everyone is buying sport equipment by his phone

Modern times are marked with appearance of new devices, which also have access to internet. They have different view-ports as their displays are different, so they need different site displaying and responsive design features can adapt site to various customers’ needs. It is made with changing of screen-size or pixel-resolution. Very important thing here is factor like “Click versus Touch”, it’s definitely deals with differences between mouse click and touch on smartphone. They are different and good responsive design can switch to “touch mode” from “click” one.

Prima Sport Skin

SEO impact

Site owners have doubts about SEO impact of responsive design. Creation of mobile-friendly can dramatically increase site SEO effectiveness. First reason for this is changing the main view-port, as sales did via mobile devices are higher now, than via PC. Now, people try to transfer all their e-needs on their mobile devices, so e-shops should create their mobile versions. And two sites can decrease SEO effectiveness, as all SEO attempts would be spread on two sites. And concentration of all SEO-strategy on one particular site makes a difference.


Prima theme ensures site owners that all navigation elements, which are so important for great users’ experience would be correctly adjusted to be seen from any device. Various players, images, layouts will be moved and spread on display. Such design doesn’t need more time to maintain. It needs purchasing of the completed theme that will help users to navigate a site via the full devices variety.


Great advantage of responsive sites – they are absolutely liquid. Their content is fluid and it can move freely on the screen. And it works on various devices. With this brilliant feature, content can easily fill the allotted space and to show all content located in the page. So, regardless of the view-port, content will be shown without adequately. Using comfortable site can bring more confidence to site owner and company itself.

Caring about customers

Considering customers to be actual source of profit, site should bring them great experience from using the site. And responsive design can aid in this. Speaking about the experience user like the content that can be easily read. Even the best content cannot produce good promotion without the good design to present it adequately. Responsive design specially developed to present the content in any view-port.

Responsiveness of Prima theme

Speaking about the best Prima magento theme, it has all main features of the responsive design it can bring more customers into e-shop, furthermore, it provides them abilities to observe the content and easily decide what product they want to buy.

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