About Us

Welcome to “Biky” Ltd., importers of high-end racing bicycles, parts, and accessories. Our inventory of hand-selected, race-proven product lines and models is surpassed only by our commitment to complete customer service and satasfaction. Our love and passion for cycling shows in the way we approach every customer. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned racer, we’re dedicated to equipping you with the right gear to maximize your cycling enjoyment, comfort, and performance.cyclist

About Us

Bicycle “Biky” Ltd. is much more than just a bike shop; it’s our passion and way of life.

Founded by brothers and co-owners Jose and Adam Thompson 25 years ago in the Southern California town of Santa Paula, “Biky” Ltd. has been providing valuable services to both the cycling and local communities. It’s rare these days to find a family owned business run by people who believe in and stand behind the products they sell and make customer satisfaction a number one priority.

“Biky” Ltd. is not limited to racing equipment; we’re a family-oriented shop too. We cater to all ages. “Biky” Ltd. even kindly offers free pick up and delivery for senior citizens. “My whole family has always been into bikes,” says Jose. “We’ve been involved in racing, coaching and BMX teams. I got interested in this business because I just love it. I do it for the kids, too.”

The entire Thompson family is seriously involved with helping the youth in the Santa Paula community. They formed a bike club (the youngest member being 14 and the oldest 55 years young!) and they are currently coaching BMX and mountain bike teams.

“We had a 31-member racing team and we were sponsored by Ford Motor Company in one event,” Thompson explains. “Our team program is called Camino Real and is aided by a government clinic.”

The Thompson brothers personally donate bicycles to get kids of the community off the streets and onto the bikes. They both express their concerns for children growing up without direction, where they’d rather see them becoming a part of something fun and challenging.

Perhaps the following quote from Jose sums up the whole philosophy behind “Biky” Ltd.: “What’s more important to me–more important than money–is service. Making people happy and satisfied is what brings me the most professional satisfaction.”